export selected objects to gpx

using JOSM I have filtered out all the ways in my vicinity without names using type:way name=
There are a great many of them. I would like to export just the selected “ways without names” to a gpx file, then add the gpx to MotionX-gps on my iphone and then cycle around them all and voice tag or waypoint tag each with a name.
How do I export the “ways without names” only to a gpx file on IMac.
I guess I need to add another filter to exclude everything but the “ways without names” but I could not work out how to do it… then export to gpx ??
newb nevw

Select all of the objects that you want, then copy and paste them into a new layer. Then you can just export that layer as a GPX file.

For selecting all roads without names, probably best to search for something like type:way highway= -name=**