export route and stops with information retaining


I’m new in osm and I got some problem when I work with it. I can see bus routes and stops’ names in the traffic map layer on the screen but I cannot export them from the online source. Tab “Export data” exports all data, which are not what I want. Data I want are only what the traffic map layer included, which are bus routes and stops, with exact bus number and corresponding stops’ name.
This is an example area in Frankfurt. http://www.openstreetmap.org/export#map=16/50.1123/8.6141&layers=T

I hope I explain my question clearly and you would provide helpful suggestions on it.

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Since you wrote in the german section of this forum and your example is in germany I assume you undestand german.

Schau dir mal die Overpass API an. Diese Abfrage sollte alle Buslinien in dem sichtbaren Gebiet liefern.