Export relation as track to garmin

I would like to export a hiking way from OSM as a track to be displayed in my Garmin eTrex Legend HCx. The hiking way is bundled as a relation in OSM, and I want my eTrex to display it as a track over my map.
Is there a possibility to e.g. export relations from OSM to gpx files? Or is there anyone who knows about other solutions?

You can export a route to GPX on Cloudmade’s maps interface:

  • Go to http://maps.cloudmade.com/
  • right click to set a start point, and again to set a destination
  • set the route type to ‘walking’ on the left
  • right click to add more destinations if necessary. Drag them around to achieve the desired route
  • click the ‘export’ button (top-right)
  • download GPX file

That’s one way of doing it. Kind of a cheat.

Otherwise I’m sure there are tools which will let you go from export .osm XML of a relation and do a more direct conversion of this into GPX format. gpsbabel would probably do it in fact.

Such a tool you need exists here :

Enter the relation id, “export to gpx”, import it to your garmin with the tool you like most (gpsbabel, mapsource, etc.)

That’s perfect, thank you for your replies!
In the meantime, I have also found user Drahtesel’s script that produces gmapsupp files for garmin which have walking and biking paths marked.