Export opencyclemap.org topo-data to Garmin?

Hi, was wondering if it´s possible to export opencyclemap topographical data to Garmin .img format?

Like exporting the data in these:



I believe the dataset comes from NASA/SRTM and are enhanced in some way.



Øystein Bakke Larsen

The altitude data is from NASA’s SRTM mission which you can include in the map, but it requires some work from you.

There is a tool called srtm2osm which produces osm files which you can merge with regular osm files and feed those to Mkgmap or use xinclude as described below:

Could you give some details on how to do it? My problem right now is that srtm2osm does not seem to work right because NASA did changed the servers (at least that is my explanation for the errors). Even when I put all the relevant srtm-data in a cache-folder, it does not work. Becauce srtm2osm is not longer supported I do not know how to get it running.

I am looking for contour data for northern sweden and because I could not find those I would like to make them myself.

SRTM data is only available to 60 degrees north, so Northern Sweden is not covered by the SRTM data afaik. Regarding the inner workings of strm2osm: i don’t know if it works fine or that it needs adjusting to nasa server changes…

There you can find dem data for north in srtm format

You can have a look at Groundtruth, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GroundTruth to generate contour maps for Garmin. I also found out that srtm2osm is not longer working.