Export link does not work

When I try to start the export proces I get the message: http://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/map?bbox=4.2875,52.0543,4.3505,52.0776 not found. Is the api proces not working?

When you try and export data using the “export” button on the OpenStreetMap website, you see a message that says “If the above export fails, please consider using one of the sources listed below:”. Below that are a list of options that you can use. I suggest that you read those links and follow what they say.

The area http://tools.geofabrik.de/calc/#type=geofabrik_standard&bbox=4.2875,52.0543,4.3505,52.0776&tab=1&proj=EPSG:4326&places=2 may be too large to export directly for the API (which is designed for use by editors, not really as a data extraction tool).

What you you trying to do?

I dont really want to export data, but to get a rendered png/jpg file of the area. Then I can with photoshop add lines to illustrate posible tramroutes. I use this as a background map. I am not interested in having a digital vector map, just an image.

This used to be no problem, If the rendered extract was to big I adjusted the scale.

Do you really want to do an “export”? If so, it should still work fine if you use one the links below where it says “If the above export fails, please consider using one of the sources listed below:”. The top link, the default overpass server, should give you exactly the data you were expecting.

If you want an image you’ll likely want “share” not “export”.

It was a long time ago that I last made an image map. No problem with the share option. Language is confusing, when in application I extract information, its usualy an export.

Anyway problem solved

Not that it helps, but I have always found the terminology on there confusing too :slight_smile:

“Share” was introduced at the end of 2013 (see https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/pull/498 ). As I understand it, there were a bunch of technical reasons for a redesign (better maintainability being one), though for what I had previously used the main site for, usability went through the floor.