Export JOSM data to Google Earth/KML

Hi all,

Basically I’m wanting to get some contour lines (UK) in Google Earth, but I don’t know where to find any to import (please do tell if you know). What I’m now thinking of doing is manually tracing out-of-copyright OS contour lines in JOSM and then exporting/importing them to Google Earth. Is this possible/how do I do this?

On another similar note does anyone know how to add any OS maps with 5m contours? Since im using out-of-copyright currently it’s in 25ft intervals, and since im working down to sea level it would be better to have it starting at the 5m contours rather than the higher 25ft contours. It’s all for personal use so I would suspect there’s no legal/copyright issues using existing OS maps.

I’m a novice at all of this stuff by the way so please try and avoid big words so to speak…

Many thanks, Will

For outlines of a whole country there is often the recommendation to http://www.naturalearthdata.com instead of OSM.