Export into large .gpx file

Hello everybody

I like to animate detailed 3D maps. I’m looking for a way to export large amounts of coordinates into a .gpx file - for example all rivers in Germany.

I have all the data I need from planet.osm, and I know how to use JOSM to select all objects with the key/value “water:river” and export them. The problem is that JOSM seems not really usable with a gigabyte or two of map data.

I know that the resulting gpx file will also be hundreds of megabytes in size, but I can deal with that.

Is there a tool that can filter large .osm.pbf or .obf files and export the result (i.e. water:river) into plain text coordinates?

Thanks a lot!

You can have a look at the OSM wiki about


and https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmconvert