Existing keys or syntax for tags not being uploaded in JOSM?


Is there a key that is purposely not uploaded by JOSM or, even better, a forbidden character whose presence in a key make it unable to be uploaded from JOSM?
Would be useful for some field collection projects like ODK based in which you get unwished key+value for OSM.

There’s something called “discardable tags” - that will get deleted whenever an object is touched and uploaded. Basically some historic stuff like created_by=“Potlatch 2”, internal IDs from imported government datasets (a practice now frowned upon) and so on.
I don’t think however it would discard an object itself (if you plan to create new objects that are not to be uploaded to OSM).
You can however discourage upload of a layer in JOSM by selecting such option in right-click menu of that layer.

One of those?: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Elements#Common_attributes

Not that, though, because P2 has never written that tag to ways, nodes or relations. There are more created_by=JOSM tags than any other.


JOSM discards tags with these keys:


This list in the source code AbstractPrimitive.java