EXIF GPS photo geotagging OSM map

Hello community,
i have coded a OSM map with OpenLayers for EXIF GPS photo geotagging. Its a webtool in a browser that use ExifReader (JavaScript) for reading the EXIF GPS data in photos. For the saving of the GPS coordinates in the photos must be use the tool exiftool separatelly in the windows command line - its very easy and simple with only one copy&paste.

The tool is free and the sourcecode is totaly visible, also open source, except exiftool. Because for that, the tool is completelly modificable and expandable. It can use online or download it and use it local.

The tool is also a EXIF GPS photo viewer.

PS: many peoples use the tool GeoSetter. I have use the geosetter for many years. The problem is, that geosetter use Internet Explorer (deprecated). The other thing is, that geosetter use a map in the Internet Explorer. The difference to my tool is, that geosetter can read and write files directly on a computer. For security reasons, browser like Firefox and Chrome cannot directly access the data in the computer. All other functions are also possible with my tool, like GPX route data comparison with photos - when you can code it or know someone who will do it.

Please read the Info-Page!


The tool is free and the sourcecode is totaly visible, also open source, except exiftool.

Maybe I didn’t understand you correctly here, but exiftool is open source:



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Thanks for your answer dieterdreist! My comment was probably not so well formulated. It refers to the “totaly visible” of the webtool sourcecode (in the browser), because exiftool is not part of it, is not implemented (as with Geosetter), but is used independently.

Addition Info: i have read yet, that its possible to use the Chromium Browser (instead the Internet Explorer) for coding a software. When you have the knowledge and power for this, please write me an email. Thanks.

Hello @zermila . This looks really useful, and appears to be close to something I have been looking for. I sometimes go out and take photos of areas I want to map later on OSM. The camera gives the photos correct EXIF GPS data. Then when I come back home, what I really want is a tool that I can drag a photo into, and which will instantly drop me into the default OSM editor (iD) so that I can start editing there. I played with your tool, dragging one of my photos into its upload field, and the map instantly zoomed me to where the photo was taken, which is great. However, there is no button that I can then click which gives me a link that will “take me to the OSM iD map editor page for this same location” or “take me to the OSM map viewer for this location”. I suppose that’s becuase you are primarily interested in editing the GPS data, not mapping, And that’s fine. But if there were a way of being taken out of your editor to the equivalent of OpenStreetMap that would be super.

OK - answering my own query here. Sorry - I was a bit slow. I didn’t realise that exiftool and GPS Geotagger Simple were different things. Following the links to the software I now see that they are different and one uses the other – and that exiftool provides sufficient functionality that I can use it to give me urls that will serve my purpose. Sorry for being slow.