[EuroVelo] Improving EuroVelo routes tagging

Just [EuroVelo]? [EuroVelo bicycle routes]?

OSM and mapping part is implied on this forum.

[EuroVelo] I’d say. It’s also what others have suggested earlier. I would have loved to add the notion of working on hiking E-paths as well, but I’m fine with how we’re doing so far (working on EuroVelo but considering implications on other types of route networks)


Is done :slight_smile:

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I created a topic about how to tag and number daily sections, based on the ongoing work on EV17


I’d like to get back to this discussion referring to the comment of stevea on this thread. He explained the process they are following in the US to tag and work on the national cycle route network (which is a EuroVelo kind of network given the different states, lengths of the routes, etc.)

He shared the wiki page of the project:United States Bicycle Route System - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I think this globally aligns with what we already discussed. Maybe something interesting that we could align with is this:

Enter a proposed route into OSM only when you have solid knowledge that there is coordinated activity assembling this route (this is the ideal meaning of the “under development” category on EuroVelo.com)


Tag such proposed relations with state=proposed. Please add source=Where you learned the route members (here it could be “EuroVelo website” (but not necessarily super reliable, especially for countries without a NECC) or “meeting with NECC”)

So in practice, this would mean the following work:

  • Adding missing EuroVelo routes under development (where they really are so) to OSM with this state=proposed tag
  • Adding state=proposed tag to EuroVelo routes already mapped on OSM, which are under development
  • Routes at the planning stage, where nothing is happening outside of paperworks and emails, are left out from OSM
  • If OSM contributors find out that some routes marked “under developed” on EuroVelo.com are really at the planning stage, it should be reported back to the EuroVelo team to double-check with NECC if any, and update the website
  • If routes at the planning stage have already been mapped on OSM, work on a case-by-case basis to avoid deleting useful work (for instance, in Belarus, it might be that routes are under development but we are not being kept informed because there is no NECC). So get in touch with the OSM contributor and ask where he has the info from?

Please let me know what you think of this. I don’t think we’ve gone deeper into this topic in another thread, have we?

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Hi, I have a question about proposed parts. In Spain we are dividing stages according to eurovelospain.com. each stage is contained in a relation. I’m working on the EV8 around Valencia. The thing here is that there are stages that have both developed and planned parts. What is the best way to map this?

  1. in the local telegram channel one opinion was to tag the whole stage with state=proposed although it might contain developed parts, just to be on the sure side.
  2. what i have done so far is to create a separate relation for each stage with all the undeveloped parts (eg. stage 23 and stage 23 under development) so it will be very easy to move ways to the other relation once they are developed
  3. delete undeveloped/in development parts although they were already mapped (with state=proposed). this has already been done in other parts on the EV8.

Regarding the name-tag: i feel stages should contain some differentiating in the name. right now many stages on the EV8 have no name-tag at all which makes handling and editing quite hard.

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2 is fine. But please don’t use the name tag for an editor-facing description. The name and ref tags are what will be used by routers and renderers to guide cyclists. They should be what is seen on the signs, and this will generally be the route number: in that case, the name should be blank rather than duplicating the ref.

If you need a name to make editing easier, use something like the description= tag, and file an issue with your favourite editor if it doesn’t show it in the contexts you need.