Eurotunnel problem - solution possible?


on my favourite OSM based SatNav app (MapFactor Navigator on Android) Eurotunnel can’t be part of a route from France to Britain.

The Navigator programmer told me that to his knowledge “Eurotunnel is broken”.

I tried a second OSM based Android app (Scout), which also routed only through Calais-Dover shipping.

I took a careful look at the Eurotunnel terminal, but couldn’t even begin to guess what might be wrong.

Is there someone who can find out - and maybe even fix it?

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As far as I see there is no accessible highway connection between France and Britain. No Street → no routing.
Using trains for car routing is not supported by routing apps. Of course not.

There is only a theoretical connection using an proposed feature shuttle_train which seems also not supported by routing apps.
This feature should be similar to using ferry boats. Maybe this hint can be useful for your programmer?!

The wikipage list several routing apps supporting route=shuttle_train.
OSMAND also works as expected

SatNav and Scout are not using all OSM data. Ask their programmers to suport “route=shuttle_train”

Thanks - I’ll try that (and your advice comes just at the right time, as Scout are promising “a really major update, hopefully in the first quarter of 2016”).