Etrex 10 map Downloader

after some tests and therefore improvement, I want to publish a small tool to make small maps for the garmin etrex 10. I made this, because I like the greyscale display, that is perfectly visible under all circumstances, but creating maps takes too long.


creating small maps in a few minutes for the etrex 10, without knowledge of osmconvert, mkgmap, osmosis, batch…
(and possibly other garmin devices without routing)

just click ‘osm-export’, browser will open OSM-map where you can find the coordinates of your desired map borders,
copy paste them into the 4 input- boxes. Then press ‘Start!’ If your etrex 10 is connected, this will directly write the map onto your device >

caution: it will overwrite the old map on this device, because only one map is possible. So backup before.*

technical infos:

uses overpass server to download just the data, that is needed
downloads directly the tools osmconvert, mkgmap and wget, so no user know how is needed
no (on etrex 10) useless node/ routing information makes maps incredible small.
scripted in autoit, so change for your needs.

In this post you will find some more information, in german.

Here I’ve uploaded script and compiled program

kind regards,


Good news. Sounds just what I’ve been searching high and low for. However I’m not quite sure how or where to download your simple tool. Could you please tell me how? Thanks very much.

Sounds great! If I am not downloading it directly to the etrex 10 where does the ouitput file goes to?
I assume it is an img file…