Errors in map ??


I’m just planning a 6 month trip to South America using the OSM maps. They are a tremendous help!

On one or the other occasion I run across a problem, where there seems to be an error. One sample: routing from waypoint 1 : S24 47.698 W65 22.115 to waypoint 2: S24 47.650 W65 21.986 will result in a trip of 26.5 km even so the two points are 230 m apart.

I hope that someone can look at errors like that.

kind regards


Dear Mr yogi

It seems that you have a coordinates format problem. Either you need to change your coordinate format on your device or in the OSM data you download. Maybe you are just using a paper and pen, anyway you have to keep a unique format
S24 47.650 means 24 degrees and 47.650 minutes converted to decimal values looks like S24.794167
W65 21.986 means 65 degrees and 21.986 minutes converted to decimal W65.366443
If you do the same to the other coordinate and look at the distance between the two points you’ll get about 230mts
No SW uses a format like yours since it’s very unconfortable to handle 2 separate numbers for one data

I hope you got it and welcome to Argentina

Hi yogi!
Welcome to the OSM forum!
What device or online service did you use for the routing?
Could you put a link to the OSM or online routing map? Then I can have look.

Hi Beerforfree

Thanks for your hints. I’m using MapSource Version 6.15.11. and it seems to accept any format, it seems to have been set up that way.

The points I mentioned were actualy set as waypoints selecting a point on the road.

Long way

The direct way would be from 027 to 028. The question is, why this detour?


P.S. I just saw the note from Geogast.
The download was from selection the tiles for Argentina.

It looks like nodes are missing or something else with the drawing. I misunderstand the problem and thought that something was wrong with the coordinates themselves. It’s not common to use this format, for sure every SW can represent them but internally such format is not used for calculation

I appreciate your help in reporting the bug, we will have a look to it. I hope you made some tracks in the region, if that the case do not forget to upload them.

Vielen Dank yogi !

well, to tell the truth, I have not made any tracks, at least yet. Our tour will start next fall, up to now I’m just planning, planning, planning!



I had a look to it and didn’t find any errors. Last change was made in August 25th, probably you may have downloaded this part of the map previous to that date. If so, I would encourage you to try downloading it again.

Nice planning and a better trip to you!

Did you try it the other way round? From 028 to 027?
My idea is that mapsource perhaps thinks that highway=motorway implies that it is a oneway road.
Check here.

Hi Geogast

your hint regarding the oneway road may be correct. Routing from 028 to 027 gives the short connection.


One beer for free to Geogast. Next time you come to AR I’ll buy you one.
Actually the assumption that a motorway is a oneway highway has a lot of sense. If not would be pretty the same as a trunk. I’ve never seen a speed way like Autobahn (German) or Autopista (Spanish) which is a two way highway

Maybe we should re-classify it until it we draw both ways

Se corrigieron los atributos de las rutas nacionales y provinciales en las zonas de Salta y Tucumán. De motorway a trunk y primary respectivamente en aquellos lugares donde solo existe una única vía dibuijada.

“motorway” es exclusivo y por definición para autopistas de mano única. Es mandatorio dibujar ambos manos para usar este atributo (key)

La autopista entre Rosario y Córdoba tienen el mismo inconveneinte (no corregido aún)