Error when trying to upload

I got following error when trying to upload:


An search on node (588 599 424) finds nothing.

Before I got this error I hade several conflicts on bus routes which fixed (I thought).
The JOSM validator shows no errors.
The error node is marked as “add” in the upload pane.

I have saved the upload file as an local file.
In that file I find the error node:


Is it about the node 588599424, related with this changeset, which has been deleted 11 hours ago? If so, maybe you tried to edit that node after it was deleted (for example JOSM not having the latest latest data for some reason, thus editing a node which doesn’t exist).

How do you upload data to OSM? As single object, one at a time, or everthing at once?

This seems like a bug in JOSM. The API complains about missing information in the upload itself. Best is to create a JOSM ticket, and attach your sample file.

I have local file which I try to upload. I have done lot changes, mostly on roads, but also on routes, building, landuses etc.

I hope you did all those changes in JOSM rather than editing your OSM file in notepad?

Maybe you could upload the file somewhere, and post the link here (or in a JOSM ticket as mentioned).

In case you did some manual changes to the file, you might have removed too much information, or corrupted the file in some way.

I have done all edit with the JOSM on a local file.

I could find the problem node in my local osm-file (see my first posting), and after deleting the node line in the osm-file, the I could do the upload without errors.

The error node was an stop position on a bus route, so I suspect the route now has error. I have to check that.