error showing in US data

There is water shown over most of the USA seeming to come from this area, when displaying the mapnik layer in this area:

I’m new to this, how can this problem be located? This just started today.

Sorry you had to see that… you have to find all the errors in the coastlines you can do that by using

It’s a new change in the renderer that has enabled the sea to be drawn in most places, sadly it doesn’t work that well all over.

I’ve brought this to the attention of the mapnik layer admin.

I may have found what is causing the coastline error, if you look at the area linked to below only half of the shore of lake Nipigon in Canada is shown. Would this cause the water to fill the rest of the Map? Like I said I’m new to this so this is just a guess.

btw I would appreciate a link to the OSM slippy map from the coastline viewer, so you can edit directly.