Error checking with Overpass Turbo

I find that Overpass Turbo provides very useful visualization when looking for errors and inconsistencies in the map. When you select an highlighted element, a pop-up provides additional information and hyperlinks to the OSM data. From there it’s easy to look at the history or edit the map.

Over time, I have created several queries, mainly for hiking and bicycle/MTB trails, that may also be useful to others:

Currently, there are errors only in the Colour’ed ways w/o a route query: there are 198 137 colour’ed ways not part of any walking or bicycle/MTB route.

Feedback and suggestions for additional checks are welcomed.

I have recently added a bunch of “colour” tags to existing paths, so I guess some of the errors are because of my editing.

Why should every path with colour be a part of a route? (I am asking because the wiki says nothing about it:

How can I fix these errors (preferably with JOSM, but any other tool will do)?


Thanks for your investment in marking the trails. Please see my comment on your earlier post.

The colour tag is very general. There is an extensive section about Hiking & Biking trails in the Israel wiki page. We try to keep these conventions that refers to many aspects of correctly representing hiking and biking trails in Israel.