Error 403 from api with call from OSM Composer

Hi Everybody,

I just installed OSM Composer, which seems to be a cool tool to generate Garmin hiking maps directly from OSM. I generated a map for a very small area successfully.

However, I am now trying to generate a map for a slightly larger area (maybe 100km x 50km) and after downloading some tiles, I get messages like this,51.924618,11.419375,51.943375 Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:,51.924618,11.419375,51.943375

in the log, and after a while the program stalls. Entering the same URL in the browser leads to the same error message, so it is probably not a problem of OSM Composer directly.

Anybody have a clue what is going on here? Does the OSM api count the number of requests from my IP and block after, say, 20 requests in a day? I never had this problem when mapping, though. And, since I was mapping in large areas, I had to reload OSM data into Merkaartor quite a bit and never had this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


I don’t know if there is rate limiting in OSM I would hope so. There are two options for you:

  1. use use xapi the extended api it’s made for bulk download.

  2. download a planet dump and use osmosis. (this isn’t that hard and will probably be faster)

It’s abit sad that Composer doesn’t support this, but I understand why… :slight_smile: (dev time/java I’m guessing)

Thanks for the tip with xapi. Fortunately it supports the same read requests, so I could just change Composer’s api address setting. Now it doesn’t stall anymore. However, now I get 501-Errors for most of the requests: Server returned HTTP response code: 501 for URL:,49.43,11.05,49.48

Ok, just checked, this is a “Not Implemented” error. Which is funny, because the first (of the same type) reads seem to go through. But maybe Composer was reading them from cache and not actually accessing the server? It says XAPI-URL on Composer’s setting page though.


I think you should ask the creator of Composer, my experience with garmin maps are limited to what people ask… :slight_smile:

Well ther eseems to be more people who have problems with xapi on the forum…

I can use:

wget -O asd,48.14,11.543,48.145