Ergebnis der OSMF Lizenzabstimmung

the OSMF member vote has been closed, and the results from 270 members
polled** are:

Approved the process: 132
Did not approve the process: 16
Didn’t vote: 122


Approval rate: 89%
Turnout rate: 55%

there was a survey attached to the vote, which has a 52% turnout rate,
and the results are:

                            Don't    Don't No           Strongly
                            Want     Want  Opinion Want Want

Require BY on Database 2 12 16 44 66
Require SA on Database 12 19 23 49 37
Require BY on Produced Works 7 14 28 56 35
Require SA on Produced Works 37 30 45 17 11
Require NC 110 18 7 2 3

where NC = Non-commercial use only, BY = Attribution and SA =

finding the median value gives a better “overall” score than looking at
those raw numbers.

Require BY on Database: Want
Require SA on Database: Want
Require BY on Produced Works: Want
Require SA on Produced Works: No opinion
Require NC: Strongly Don’t Want

or if we count those wanting or not wanting, regardless of strength:

                             Wanting Wanting

Require BY on Database: 14 110
Require SA on Database: 31 86
Require BY on Produced Works: 21 91
Require SA on Produced Works: 67 28
Require NC: 128 5

attached is the anonymous data used to perform these calculations. if
you would like to check that your vote has been tallied, please look for
your random token string in the “nonce” column and, if there is a
problem, contact me or the membership secretary
(membership at and we’ll try to deal with it.

If you have found an error in any of the calculations above, please let
me know as soon as possible.



**: 265 at the beginning of the vote, plus 5 whose renewal fees were
pending and were paid during the course of the voting period.