EO1 or A1 between Chalastra and Evzoni - which is which?

This is a request for comment regarding a situation where road signs on the aforementioned stretch of road contradict each other.

The issue:

When you head northbound at Chalastra from the Α2/A1, head either direction at Polykastro from the Kilkis ΕΠ9, or enter southbound at Gefyra from ΕΟ2, the road appears to be a motorroad (ΕΟ1).

However, When you head southbound at Evzoni/Gevgelija, or enter northbound at Gefyra, the road appears to be a motorway (Α1).

Most of the road signs on the new road are green, which usually means motorways, but most of the sections jump between dual and single carriageway.

My proposed resolution:

My resolution is that the A1 motorway will apply to the section between Polykastro and the Evzoni border. Because EO1 deviates at Gefyra to go west to to Chalkidona, the section south of Gefyra will be the NEO1 (New National Road 1) motorroad. The rest will be the EO1 motorroad. The old course to the west would be PEO1 (Old National Road 1) and use the road type “secondary”. Of course, the refs will be in Hellenic script.

My proposal does not affect the course of the E 75 euro-route, as it has nothing to do with the odd situation.



all this peo neo thing feels so wrong
in actual signs you only see the number of the road (there is no EO)
in our example this vertical section of E 75 is actually inferior to a motorway so would be wrong to label it A1
so i label this section EO1
the old national road gefyra-evzonoi is narrow as an ordinary provincial road so should be secondary at best
it can be labeled ΠΕΟ1 (as an alternative route to EO1) or not labeled at all


ΠΕΟ refers to an “old national road” and NEO is “new national road” and I am not the one who came up with the original idea: however, we have to use prefixes because, for example, the A6 and EO6 have totally different courses. It would have been fine if a given number was used once only (like in Israel/Palestine/whatever), but we have a system similar to the UK where A102 and B102 are different roads: if we called them both just 102 then it would confuse the driver.

ΠΕΟs remain in widespread use, mostly as a way to avoid the tolls on the motorways. :wink:

In Livadeia, for example, Old National Roads (ΠΕΟs) connect Provincial Roads to National Roads, which would otherwise make the former appear isolated. Old National Roads usually go right through urban areas instead of bypassing it. However, if it is interrupted by pedestrianisation then it becomes little use to motorists.

polykastro - evzonoi could be A1
but bear in mind even though its dual carriage its narrow and it actually has a non-motorway intersection
i think is trunk

i managed to find the full Registry of National Roads of 1998
which clearly describes all national routes, old and new ones
in the case of the route in question the situation is:
-the original routing is named 1, the new national road is 1α (or A 1 for motorway parts)
and this also applies to other roads
-i realized that Thessaloniki ring road is EO111 (parts that become motorways get new numbers:west part is A2, east part is A25 and when internal ring road is ready)
-i also found that the motorway from the kalochori A2 junction to Thessaloniki is 1β
this proves that even the wikipedia article is not accurate any more

i think the discovery of official sources, made this topic redundant and should be deleted to make room for others

I agree. This topic has become redundant and should be deleted.


OSM does not delete old topics but if you leave it alone it will eventually fall off the first page. :slight_smile:

maybe there is a way for admins to delete it

i thinking to change the title into “please delete” and also remove the replies