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Hello to all Israel mappers
I’m quit new to this service of Israel mapping.
While mapping Ashdod, I found some places that I don’t know how to mark them:

  1. מקווה
  2. ישיבה
    So can you please help me?

Hello arthurzam,

welcome to the team :slight_smile:

Can you share a link to those places?
So we can right away understand what is ment?

For example, in the address “הרב שמואל רוזובסקי 1, אשדוד” is located a place which inHebrew is called מקווה. I didn’t know how to mark it therefor I just set it as a building with name מקווה. I know this place from my trips in Ashdod (where I live).
Not far from it, in the address “הרב אבו חצירא 20, אשדוד” is located ישיבת בית הלל (something like a Jewish school for studing Tora). How to mark it (because to call it a building isn’t right in my opinion).

My goal for now is to draw all buildings in Ashdod.


I don’t know how to tag a Mikweh.
I think I would keep it with the building name and wait a bit till somebody comes with a solution.


Jewish school for studing Tora is easier as I would define a node with the following details:

name = ישיבת בית הלל
name:he = ישיבת בית הלל
name:en = Jewish school for studing Tora
amenity = school
religion= jewish


I like your goals, we have more and more citys completed with drawing all buildings.
Its a kind of easy task, but very useful for finding missing streets, housenumbering and POI adding.
I will help you a little bit :slight_smile:


About the מקווה, we will wait until someone helps.

Thanks you for your help with it.

That is my goal, that it will be easier for traveling in Israel. Every help will be greatful. Ashdod is a big city, with many Villas which are difficult to draw. But, even little house adding is a good thing.

Yeah… this is a task that needs a bit of time.
But I did spend some minutes to help, and I will continue :slight_smile:

For this node, name:en should be Yeshivat Beit Hillel (or maybe Yeshivas Beis Hillel, depending on their pronunciation, but I think it is fine to assume “t” rather than “s” at the end unless known otherwise, for sites in Israel.)

“Jewish school for studing Tora” is an OK explanation of what a yeshiva is, but it’s NOT a name and should not be marked as a name.

Some yeshivas have students under age 18 and should be marked as amenity=school. Others are for people over 18 and I think they should be marked as amenity=college (in addition to the age, attendance is optional, and sometimes you get a degree [rabbinical] after studying there for a while). Some are for both over and under 18, and should probably be amenity=school. If you don’t know the age range, amenity=school is fine.

I think a mikveh (that’s Wikipedia’s English spelling) should be marked as amenity=mikveh since even amenity=public_bath is not very popular.