End of stream

I have mapped a small stream that ends in a wetland with reeds.
Now I have seen this node (#4103954797) has been tag as an error (“Unconnected waterway or wrong way flow”). Issue Id: 19391159995

How can I correct this error? The fact is, this stream just disappears in the wetland.

You’ve done too many recent edits to make it easy to work out to what you are referring, but validation errors are often just a hint to look closely. The real world may be more complex than that assumed by the validator.

That node is part of both the waterway and wetland, indicating that the two are connected. I don’t see an issue there.

I assume the wetland drains into Lag Grond so theoretical the stream continues. In my opinion wetland is the same as riverbank (where an imaginary waterway flows between the riverbanks). I would continue drawing the stream through the wetlandarea and the lake to connect to node 4103954817 .

Is it the iD ditor that’s flagging the “error” or something else?

Often OSM QA tools will flag “errors” that aren’t really errors at all. You’ve been there; you know what the situation is. QA tools can help to detect accidental mistakes, but they can also flag “false positives” - things that really aren’t problems at all.

I have the Vespucci app installed on my tablet. This editor shows bugs. This bug is marked as “Osmose: Unconnected waterway or wrong way flow”
Is Osmose a QA tool?
Is it possible to display these bugs in the iD Editor?

In Vespucci I often find that the osmose prompts are for things that I couldn’t care less about and not the thing that I opened Vespucci up to edit in the first place! They’re still useful though (even if you ignore them) - they make you think about things that you might not otherwise have considered.