Enabled another Android app to supply GPX tracks to OSM

I have just uploaded a new version of “SpeedProof”, which is an application I’ve been working on and off over the last few months.

It’s primary function is to log info from the GPS chip and then crypto sign a hash chain so you can prove in court if you weren’t speeding and a speed camera claims otherwise.

However it went beyond the original purpose to have an analog speed dial and a number of other features including now the ability to upload a stripped down GPX file to a work server which will do more or less what andnav2 does and upload the data to OSM.

Due to privacy issues this feature is optional and the user has to enable it. I’ve had over 10,000 installs currently heading towards 20,000, and hopefully a big percentage of those opt to upload their information, which will all be lumped in together until I add the ability for people to send their OSM credentials.

Actually looking over some of the JOSM plugins, one of them scrubs gpx files to anonymise as much as possible by screwing with the timestamps and what not. It seems like a good idea so I’ve added that capability into my own code. Apart from that I finished the server code to batch/bulk upload any files sent to the server to be processed and uploaded to OSM.

I’ve set the server to only upload any traces that have at least 50 points, although this might be a little on the small side too since that’s potentially less than a minutes worth of data, the app already did 1s logging, I just added a filter for accuracy and to upload to the OSM server.


So far there is already 124 traces from 2 or 3 days worth of logs matching the above criteria.

There was over 1200 traces uploaded, however the number has come back to 478 after culling out what seems like mostly noise files of less than 300 points.

I’m still tweaking the app to try and reduce as much noise as possible, but if I’m not careful I’m likely to throw the baby out with the bath water.