Embedded photos and online map visualization

Hello OSM community!

So I am new to all of this. I have a week trying to do something tricky in JOSM, but I don´t know how to do it or even look for it with the perfect key words in the Forum or in Google. I don´t even know of this is the way to go.
Here is the deal:

I am a user of Mapillary and what I want to do is export all my Mapillary photos to a custom map in JOSM… I just done that (using the Mapillary plugin). However, I want them to be embedded. Like adding them like markers (the photos) in my map. Copying or something like that but not depending on the Mapillary plugin.

I want to use the Mapillary plugin to export them to my JOSM and then work with them to convert them to a marker or something like that.
At this point I think maybe I made my safe a little clear about what I want to achieve with Mapillary. But if there is another way to put my photos in the map, I can use that. Another type of plugin that puts my photos in the maps could be cool. I can download all my mapillary photos.

Ok, so that is the first part. The embedding of my photos and creation of markers with them. The next part is:
Supposing that the first part is completed and all my photos are in the JOSM with all the edits I wanted, how do I save the MAP and then, without losing the photo markers, I can export it to an Online Platform were I can visualize my Custom Map? I don’t know any way to do that.

I want to embed that map into my website (wix based) to have a Real Time Visualization of all the edits I do to that map. It is not necessary to do it real time, what I mean is that I have full control on the edits in “X” platform I use with my Map files. I think I will need to use some type of server for the photos, right? The map file won’t save the photos, right? If this last part is necessary, how do I do that?
If there is an easier way to do all this stuff, I would really appreciate if you could tell me. I was looking for online platforms to upload my photos with the data needed for geolocalization, but I could find something like that, just apps to put the info on my photos, not to upload them to a custom map.

This project is for a Non-Profit in Monterrey, México that wants to start their work in the topics of transparency and citizen participation.

Sorry for my bad English, I am a Spanish native speaker.

Thanks and greetings from México!