elevation unit question


Are osm elevation data always in meters? Or it depend on region?

Can somebody explain me these expressions? They converting m to ft?

natural=peak {name ‘${name|def:}${ele|height:m=>ft|def:}’ } [0x6616 resolution 21]
contour=elevation & contour_ext=elevation_minor { name ‘${ele|conv:m=>ft}’; } [0x20 resolution 21]

The first one really convert my peak height to ft what I want to change to be always meters.
The second one is confusing for me because my contours are always displayed in meters.
Maybe just { name ‘${ele}’; } would be fine for coutours? And {name ‘${name|def:}${ele|def:}’ } for peaks?



I only use m=>ft with contours, not for peaks and that works for me, everywhere meters are displayed. I guess Garmin converts contourlines always in feet.

Units are selectable in GPS or Mapsource. This should work for contours and selected points, like peaks. In maps all height data probably is stored as feet.

I will do the same!

Aha that’s why contours have to converted … That’s what made me confused!

thank you


Not sure like this should work, but build peaks with elevation in feets and my garmin is always set to display meters and I saw elevation for peal in feets only.

thank you


I don’t know how is this supported by mkgmap, I have described general idea that applies to Garmin maps. This works for example with maps compiled by cgpsmapper.