Elevation Map


Does anyone has created an elevation map like it is described in [1]?

Maybe you would like to share your style and typ-files?


[1] http://www.cgpsmapper.com/download/Creating%20custom%20types%20to%20represent%20elevation%20data.pdf

I saw that, and thought that it looked like a hell of a lot of work! If you’ve got the energy to do that, perhaps you have the energy to reverse engineer Garmin’s DEM format? :slight_smile:

I’m afraid its not as simple as swapping typ and style files.

As contour lines are lines not polygons, you need to turn them into polygons - gpsmapedit could be used but its still hard work.
Some contours may almost make a polygon,in which case you could convert the IMG into an .mp file and change the line into a polygon etc.
However, because of their length, most contours are split into smaller line segments and need to be joined first .

You could experiment replacing [POLYLINE] with [POLYGON] and possibly giving type numbers an extended property, ie 0x121 etc.
Give each polygon in your typ file a different mesh and the effect can be ‘quite interesting’.