Elements visible by search but not on map.

Dear OSM-Community,

I have a newbie question regarding the addition of government office to OSM.

I have added several such offices both through iD and my mobile mapsme application. They are visible in the application (also those created in iD), but not on the browser.

Examples are:



I have amended two more this morning and added the government office to an entire building instead of just having a place. Is that what one needs to do with this category?



I have however a similar problem with a natural sight. https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4951127023 which can also be found via search but is not visible as such on the map. Is it also a question of tagging?

Thank you,


I believe the standard rendering does not draw “office” tags on the map.

p.s. There is no need to have a name and name:fr when they have the same value . The name tag should contain the “name” in the local language.

Map styles do exist that make a better job of rendering offices - https://map.atownsend.org.uk/maps/map/map.html#zoom=20&lat=52.8014163&lon=-1.632953 is one that I created (UK and Ireland only). I’m sure that there are others though - with a bit of luck someone might be able to add details of one that covers West Africa.

OK, given the rendering difficulties with “office” tags, how do you add government agencies?

What about the waterfall?

Thanks for the hint regarding languages. I think this has to do with the input via the mapsme app, but was unintended. I think I enter a French name there and the system than copies that for the general name field. I’ll check if I can avoid that in the future.

I wouldn’t worry about things not appearing on the standard map - many or most of the things that I tend to add don’t appear there!

You’ll see them elsewhere though (perhaps in MAPS.ME). You can use “taginfo” to see what tags people have used in the past https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/office=government (click “overpass turbo” to see things on a map) . You can also use https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/office#combinations to look at what tags are used with other tags.