Electric Vehicle Charge Points

We would like to add a large number of EV charge points to the database. As part of this process we will need to define new parameters for things like connector types (could be multiple connectors at each location), charge current, charge voltage, charge point vendor, public access, etc. Could someone show me the basic process for adding these parameters?

We will also need to locate the number of parking bays and which floor they are on if it’s multi-storey parking… any thoughts on how we accomplish this?

One of the problems with EV charge points is knowing whether a site is still in operation. Do you have any thoughts on how we record the status of a location?

Please have a look at the amenity=fuel tagging documentation. If there’s no tag available for information that you would like to add then you can ‘invent’ a new tag for that, just think about making the new tag universally suitable then required by your application. It might become the ‘standard’ later or simply be retagged when a standard is evolved later.

For multi level mapping see this page.

The status can be managed with the disuse tag, of by removing the POI when the charge point is removed (and by adding a reason why the POI is removed on the change transaction)

Thank you for your help. I see that some discussion has taken place regarding EV charge point capabilities;


Is it possible to contact user “Nikon” or any other people interested in this area or should I just push on with the new tags?

You can always try to contact a user (e.g. via the user page on the Wiki or via the user page at www.openstreetmap.org (assuming the account name is the same)), but when tags aren’t established yet -as is the case here- it’s just a matter of starting using it and hope the rest will follow. If you have developed a tagging scheme then you can document that in the Wiki (this is always a good thing to do) or even make it in a proposal, but that depends on how ‘official’ you want to make a tag or tagging scheme in the anarchistic OSM environment. I.e. some people love very strict rules in tagging and new tag proposals, and other people just get on with it.

Retagging afterwards is always a possibility if you adhered your own scheme consistently.