Eindhoven E34 knooppunt DeHogt / Leenderheide

last week we had a trip to Bobbeljaanland. Near Eindhoven we discovered large yellow
signs “Navigatie uit!” and later “Navigatie aan!”.

Unfortunately my friend didn’t turn the Navi off, so we had an extra 20 km trip. :wink:

At home I checked if the new lanes are in OSM, but unfortunately this is not yet the case:

So this is something for the to-do list… :wink:


Kidding right? Those lanes were updated as soon as they were drivable. Which one of those traces is yours?

Didn’t upload my trace. So you think these are old traces and the lane has been removed in reality ?

I’m not sure.


Yes, they are removed.
Cause of your mistake may be that in the old situation [presume traveling from east (FRG) to west (Belgium)] you had to choose the lanes the most at the left; now you lane the most right ones …


Ok, I checked the timestamps of these traces and the latest was recorded Aug-2008.

So, OSM seems to be correct and my friend’s Navigon device was wrong.


The highways and trunk roads around Eindhoven are completely up to date in Openstreetmap due to recent GPS tracking. Hopefully nobody uses the old traces to make a mess of it. Is there any possibility to remove traces around Eindhoven which are uploaded before 2010?

I hope you did some tracking at Bobbejaanland? I did some stuff there, but it’s hard to properly track when you’re supposed to be there for fun & family. :slight_smile:

Indeed, I have been there for fun and recreatie, not for mapping. :wink:


I don’t think so. The old lane could be mapped using a line without tags, only a note saying “lane removed as of Jun-2010”
or similar.

I’d vote against that. All roads come with “last edited” information which, in Merkaartor at least, is easily visible. All lanes on "De Hogt were last touched july/september 2010, except for one that’s of march. This should be plenty clear for any mapper.

Also most nav-systems I know that have been updated are all perfectly aware of the new situation, so by now the signs should read “Outdated nav-systems off”