Efficient way of adding AH18 to route 42


I was wondering if someone can recommend an efficient/automatic way of adding AH18 as an international reference to route 42?

You would create a new relation (in case it’s not existing) type=route, route=road, int_ref=AH18, network=AsianHighway and put all the affected roads into it.


If you’re asking on how to best select them, it’s clicking on “select members” on the existing relation of route 42 (right-click). Review the selection, maybe adding/removing ways, then add them to the AH18 relation.

Assuming you’re using JOSM. Maybe I don’t fully get your question. So if there is a different problem, please explain further.

I was thinking that some way of doing a query that would add int_ref=ah18 to all roads with ref=42 in Thailand would be an efficient way but I suppose using relations is also a way of doing this.