Efate, Vanuatu

I live on the island of Efate, Vanuatu.
So far, I am impressed with OSM but due to the Covid epidemic, many of our businesses are closed or have relocated to premises which have closed permanently.
I am unfamiliar with the processes on this site so how do I input changes to keep it more up to date?
Cheers Bill

Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

It’s best to go through all the resources on the help page first:- https://www.openstreetmap.org/help

Decide on the editor to best suit your circumstances, JOSM is the best for a PC with a decent internet connection.

Decide what you want to map. Read up and/or ask questions, when you are ready to go just start. Ask for your edits to be checked at the start.

Regards Bernard.

A good starting point is also https://learnosm.org/en/

If you hit “Edit” on the website, the iD-Editor also features a quick tutorial which should be sufficient to update shops or other small things quickly.