Edits not showing up in overpass-turbo query

Hello all,

I took a few minutes the other day to add some local parks and features to OSM that were omitted in my area. A month or so later I stumbled upon https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/6ujkkv/osm_query_for_map_features_used_in_pokemon_go/ which describes how to query OSM for features used in Pokemon Go. I ran the query only to discover that, while my edits were showing up on OSM, none were being highlighted in overpass-turbo.

This got me thinking that if Niantic ever decides to update their map data, my edits would be omitted. My question is; how long does it take for edits made on OSM to show up with this query or what needs to be done to get them recognized by the query?


Typically, Overpass API is lagging behind the main OSM database by 1-2 minutes.

No idea what your edits were. Please provide a link with more details.

Edit: as User:alester noted below, your query uses a fixed point in time, so the database lag is pretty much irrelevant in this case.

If you’re running the Overpass Turbo query from the Reddit post, then your recent changes won’t be shown. That query is set to return data from January 22, 2017, which apparently is the last time the Pokémon Go database was updated from the OSM database.

The line “[date:“2017-01-22T00:00:00Z”]” at the top of the query is what’s limiting the data. If you remove that, then the query will show your recent uploads.

This was exactly my issue. Thanks so much.