Edits not published

In July of this year i had Solar Panels fitted to the roof of my house, so using the OSM internal editor i added the symbol of Solar panels to my roof, this was saved in the usual way but has never appeared on the map, I have successfully made many other edits that have published OK. If I am in editing mode I can see the solar panel where it should be , just never appears despite many page refreshes etc.

Any suggestions please?

Barry Rogers


Hi, which map? If you mean the “standard map” on openstreetmap.org I don’t think this is rendering solar panels.


And openinframap.org only seems to render those mapped as areas, not nodes.


What you see in the online editor is designed to help you edit, and the symbols there aren’t (as far as I know) used by any regular web map or app. The “standard” map at OpenStreetMap.org is designed to be a general purpose map, and rooftop solar probably doesn’t fit a general purpose map such as that, especially at the low zoom levels it concentrates on.

There are maps for all sorts of different things, and as @EdLoach mentioned above, there’s one for “big infrastructure”. Maybe rooftop solar might fit there or maybe not; another option would be a map that handles higher zoom levels (if you’ve zoomed in to see just one roof, it makes more sense to see if there are solar panels there).

Given that, at what zoom level do you think it would make sense to show rooftop solar nodes, and what would be an appropriate characteristic symbol?



Thank you for your speedy response, Yes I was referring tot the standard map, I had not realised that solar panels are not rendered in this view, so thank you for answering my question.


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Hi EdLoach

Thank you for responding quickly to my query, I understand this now, thanks for your advice.



Thank you for taking the time to respond to my query and am now understanding why I am not seeing what I expected, I would think that a solar node should be seen at maximum zoom level and that an appropriate symbol would be 8 boxes in a 2x4 configuration, 1 above the other (to indicate multiple individual panels).

Once again thank you very much for you great response.