Edits not holding

Hello OSM
I am trying to make a trail map . This will indicate campgrounds, cell service locations and trail names with their lengths. I have had to edit this map over 15 times because each edit of the map either drops the information or does not show the info that I include in the edits when I attempt to export in a .pdf document. Examples: 1) an area is noted as Campground . When exported , the area is shown but the note of campground is missing 2) the name of a trail and its`length are indicated on some exported maps but are missing on others. There is no consistency in the outputs when exporting to .pdf files.
Thank you

Whereabouts are you creating this map? Something like uMap, or something else?

In the main database, apparently. See here:

GeoBeau, you appear to have made a number of very strange edits in that area, including some that are fictional (I highly doubt there’s an arrow-shaped primary road with the name “NORTH—NORD”, a railway running down the middle of a river, or a mountain peak named “CELL PHONE”). Please remove any fictional data and ensure any objects that represent real-world objects are mapped and tagged according to OpenStreetMap best-practices (Name is the name only, Don’t tag for the renderer, use appropriate tags, etc.).