Edits not appearing

Several hours ago I added a house and a store to OpenStreetMap… the store was a Walmart in Milford, Pennsylvania. Punching in “Walmart, Milford, PA” brings up no results on the map. Punching in “220 Rt. 6 and 209, Milford, PA” doesn’t even bring it up. What’s going on?


I see my additions if I click the “edit” button but the standard map you get at openstreetmap.com can’t search the locations I’ve entered nor does it display them.


Normally it should appear within 5 minutes. Please reload your browser page (press F5).

Can you paste the url of the area as you see it in the address bar at http://www.openstreetmap.org so someone can check that the tags are ok

It is just starting too show on osm-carto. Maybe the renderer is a bit slow today?
And for Nominatim (the search engine): It’s can be found there, but apparently not the way it should be.

I notice that the transport, Mapquest Open and humanitarian layers display the building ok.

If Walmart uses the whole building, I would use building=yes or building=retail on the outline and transfer all the other tags to the building too and delete the single point.

Your tagging all appears correct to me…I just have a different preference :slight_smile:

Edit: not sure what’s going on but the http://stefanosabatini.eu/doesitrender/#building=yes says Nope now…maybe you best disregard my message about the renderer…so I have deleted those comments.
Another Edit 10Aug2014: I contacted Stefan, the author of program, and he has updated it and now building=yes is confirmed as rendering
Also building=house is a yes too

weird, because building=house also doesn’t get rendered according to that website. I’m pretty sure both yes and house turns up on the default osm.org map