Is there a offline editor for OpenStreeMap that i can use to fill in the empty road and street names around the city i live in ?

There is a few of them that are missing and i want to help to add the names to them. I have the programs Merkaartor 0.17.2 and JOSM, but i can not load my Navigator Free 11 osm.mca map in them.

Or if there is a way can someone help me out please.


JOSM is the program you need. It will take a while to get along with it but after a time it goes super fast.


In order to contribute missing information to OSM, you typically use the editor’s functions to download data from the OSM server, edit it, and upload the result back to the server. The content of the server is then used as the basis to produce the files for various different devices and programs. These program-specific file formats can usually not be edited with OSM editors.

Thanks for the replies.

I have added a few more roads, streets and ways around where i live using the openstreetmap editor’s function.