Editor for blind contributors?

Hi everyone,

I recently exchanged some e-mails with a blind OSM user who put some POIs on the map. He uses OsmAnd, but the editing function seems to be very poor.

I found a lot of ways how he could contribute in the wiki:

But as he wants the whole fun and also have some opportunity to edit the OSM database (without fear of messing everything up), I wanted to ask if some blind (or visually impaired) contributor here ever tried this. I’d be grateful for any suggestions. (Our potential new colleague also has a computer at home with some screen reader but looks like programs like JOSM are a bit complex.) But if there is nothing in this direction, we will check out the software listed in the wiki above.


I would also like to know the answer to this question. We are working on a project which involves visually impaired users. We envisage that some users with sight loss will want to update the OSM data in their areas. Please can you share any replies on this subject.

IMHO there is nothing that exists and works right now. While I can understand the desire for such a tool, the realities is that a full blown editor is expensive to develop and even more so to maintain (in the case of iD we are surely around a couple of million $ up to now).

And the “simpler” it needs to be the more work it is.

There have been a number of experiments (including from yours truly) with adding features via voice commands that work “in principle”. Likely the way to go at least for visually impaired. But getting from those experiments to something that works reliably enough for somebody to use outside, in a potentially noisy environment, without causing endless frustration, is a rather big step.

It is obviously becoming more realistic with the advances in voice control and improved positioning, even with smart phones.