Editing with ID: Buildings with multiple entrances

Hi all

I’m quite new to OSM editing and so far I did not find the answer I was looking. That’s why I came here.:slight_smile:

I started to collect housenumbers of the surroundings I’m familiar with. Here in the suburbs, many people live in appartments that have more than just one entrance.

I’m using ID for the editing and would really like to know how to obtain results like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rd1s0u2yq1patcg/OSM%20capture.PNG?dl=0.

What are the exact steps I need to follow in order to place entrances the same way like on the picture above?

Until now, I have not found a way to do that. I hope there is an easy solution!:wink:

Many thanks in advance!


  1. Draw a closed way for building with line tool
  2. Place some nodes on a way with point tool
  3. Give correct tags for stuff (building= for building, entrance= for entrances)
  4. PROFIT!

Thanks for your fast reply.

Unfortunately I’m not able to get searchresults for building, nor for entrance. When typing “building” in the search box, everything else comes up like “building under construction”, “hotel building”, “public building” etc. The same goes for “entrance”. All I get is “cave entrance”, subway entrance", “insurance office” etc.

It seems however, that the buidling I posted a screenshot of in my previous post, has nodes indicated as “other”. But also “other” is not available when searching for it.

Hi Flo,

draw the outline of the building, using either the Line or the Area tool of iD. Then, with the outline still selected, double-click on it at the place where the entrance shall be shown to create a new point which is part of the outline.

I can see the predefined tags “Building” and “Entrance/Exit” in iD, and I don’t know why you do not. But if you cannot find the appropriate tags in the list of iD’s predefined tags, you can always use iD’s manual tag editor (if you explicitly know which tags you want).
Unfortunately, the manual tag editor is initially hidden. To make it appear, select the entrance point and assign any arbitrary tag offered by iD. This opens the “Edit feature” dialog on the left side of the editor window. Scroll down until you see the “All tags” list (you may have to click on the little triangle to open the list). Click on the “+” button to add a new line to the list and type “entrance” (without quotes) as the key and “yes” (without quotes) as the value.

Then delete the arbitrary tag which you used to open the “Edit feature” dialog by clicking on the trash icon of that line. An analogous procedure can be used to tag the outline as “building”.

Note: while “areas” are simply “closed ways” in OSM, the iD editor makes a distinction: If you used the Line tool to draw the closed way of the building outline, iD assumes you want to create some kind of way and only offers predefined tags appropriate for ways. If you used the Area tool, iD assumes you want to create some kind of area and only offers predefined tags appropriate for areas. If you enter the tags manually, it does not matter which tool you used to draw the closed way. If you prefer to select the “Building” tag from the predefined list of tags, you must use the Area tool to draw the outline, or the “Building” tag will not be among those offered for selection.

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Great Answer, plphy!
I made an animation of how to do it:
Apartment Example

Hi Thomas and bhousel

Thanks for your fast and very kind assistance! I finally managed to add entrances! :smiley:

Retrospective I never did a double-click, that was the key to success! Also “building” and “entrance” now show up, since I’m using the area tool.

Amazing community here! I’m impressed.
Thanks again guys.