Editing - viewing changes before commit...

Hello all,

I’m new to editing OpenStreetMap and have a quesiton.
When I edit something in browser then how can I see the complete set of changes before I commit them?

Recently I wanted to just add a street and building number to one building and after saving the changes I see that there is also some other building touched (http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/16363894).

I think there is nothing wrong with this change (building still has correct shape and location) however I’d like to avoid that kind of inadvertent changes in the future. So again: how can I see the “diff” before I “commit”.

Thank you in advance
Best regards

As far as I know there is no editor that features a graphical preview of edits before saving it to the main OSM database.

BUT if you use the new online editor ID or the offline editor JOSM they will give you a preview waht and how many objects are created or modified.

Does this work for you?

Well, in JOSM you can also search for “new OR modified” before committing your changes, then all new or modified objects will be selected, so there is at least some visualization of the changes. It will not show you deleted objects, though.

Thank you both for suggestions - I’ll try these editors.

Best regards