Editing the imported data

Meanwhile some of use have edited some of the imported data, i.e. changed some tags or added other tags, combined roads, removed unnecessary nodes, …
How do you deal with such edited data? I mean: how do you mark them as edited?
Of course, the history will show that some other mapper did some change, and the last author is not a member of the facebook team.
But what about the “import=yes” tag?
I generally remove it after editing. I remove it also when I found that nothing requires editing. Thus I want to say that the road is OK, and meets typical OSM standards.
This allows me to highlight the still non-edited ways in my map (because they still have that tag), improving route planning.
What are your ideas?

I have generally left the tag in place unless I’ve modified the object myself. That said, I don’t have an objection to removing it if the way looks correctly mapped. I don’t anticipate a mass removal or revert so I don’t think it makes much difference whether we leave the import=yes tag either.

I do think that Bernhard has a good idea in that if the way is checked, and revised by a mapper, then technically it is no longer imported, and in that case the import=yes tag should be removed.
I usually update the source tag too, although in many cases it remains as “digital globe”, although I do add a GPS tag if I have also been along the way.
I will continue do this in the future as it may become a useful method to see whats been checked and what remains.

In case you plan on doing a systematic review I can offer to look into installing the “tasking manager”.

This would allow you to mark areas as “reviewed” avoiding double work.


Thanks for that offer, Stephan. I do not plan a systematic review. While I worked on the data collected during December, I did look at many ways nearby and edited them - correcting also other wrong data (e.g. layer=-1 on rivers…). That “project” is finished now, and I’ll edit much less in near future.
The overpass query shown in https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?pid=684236#p684236 can provide a good starting point for someone trying to review the imported data.