Editing OSM via OAuth and HTTPS...

As I’ve found out, it seems to be possible to edit data according to the OSM-API v0.6 directly over web access.
Therefore an authentication is - for sure - needed.
This can be done with OAuth.

Okay, than there is the point with a question for a HowTo…

I’m actually developing a tool supporting customers to set links on GIS-Data with a professional enterprise software (some kind of abstraction between process-modelling and linking with physical existing objects).
In the core I’m using GMaps and C# .Net for the GUI.
There are already existing a lot of ways for extracting data and analyzing it…

As I have been fallin’ in love with the philosophy of OSM, the open schemes and the easy integration (actualy via Overpass API and XAPI compatibility layers) , it would be a honour to create a way for professional customers to change meta data directly in our tool.

The tool I’m actually developing on is some kind of designer for electrical power grid and should also be able to edit tags and other metadata.
So, it’s not a big deal to give back and support the Open Streetmap Community with data.
There will be no commercial thinking with selling and dealing with data.
That would be weird.
One bad thing I’ve seen is that for example some ESRI-related companies are selling map data, that would be also existing in OSM (for example a map for the nuclear power stations in the US costs about 90 to 100 Dollars and will be only exported in the ArcGIS-format).

An actual example would be an update for the generator near Graz (power plant Mellach), which is now already up and active since June 2012 (powererd by gas, with a total power output of 800 MW and also extracting warm water).

So, can somebody please help me in my way to improve quality in a direct and easy way (via professional enterprises)?

This seems to be a feature which has been discussed also there…