Editing openstreetmaps

Hi im making a simple forum for a university project however i would like the inclusion of open street maps, with the inclusion of open street map I would also like for my end users to be able to add points of interest into the maps displayed on my site for other users to see a way to arrange a contact point if you will, i would then like to enable routing from a user to this point displayed on the map and I’m confused on how to go about it really. I have a decent knowledge in webpage creation but never tried anything with map data before but after searching would it be right to assume that I would need.

  • a private server dedicated to running OSM
  • some form of overlay software to allow for user interaction

if anybody has any idea or suggestions on how to go about this I would be massively appreciative thanks in advance.

You only need a private server if your application puts a considerable load on the map servers. I would expect the load of your university project to be negligible, so you can use most of the existing map servers hosted by OSM or other map providers.

For implementation of a map and additional features, look at leaflet.