Editing maps

i wrote some travel guides and I like to insert a custom map with location of beaches and other points of interest.
I need some infos:

  1. Every changes will be automatically available In other words, can I create private maps with some points of interest I wouldn’t publish?
  2. Map has already some hotels and restaurants I wouldn’t on it. How is possible to delete them? I can’t do it with editor on official webiste.

For the first part you could use a service such as http://umap.openstreepmap.org
That site also offers different map renderings to be used. In case none of those hide the POIs you do not want to see, you will have to render your own map I fear.

Maybe you can find some hints at http://help.openstreetmap.org

do a keyword search there for “private map”, “personalized map”, own map, render own maps, own style, own rendering …

Alternatively, produce a vector based map from OSM data and remove or add certain POIs via Inkscape or similar tools. See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/SVG for more.

I really recommend you to not use the OpenStreetMap main website for this “personal” usage. Get a GIS (Geographical Information System) like the Open Source and free QGIS (http://www.qgis.org) and develop your map in there. It is easy enough, and QGIS has support for downloading specific OSM data. You can export from there to some image format for printing and incorporation with your other publication work.

You should not be deleting data entered by other people, just because you don’t need them personally (but based on your questions, you probably already understood that). There should be a good general reason to remove something, not just based on personal taste.

The only reasons is that I want to make a map with information I wrote in my Santorini travel guide. I suggested some restaurants and it’s normal to put on map only them and no others already in the map.

To implement your guide you can use all OpenStreetMap data as far as the ODbL license allows, and to express your personal view of the world you need to deploy a rendering that shows only elements that you want.