Editing in potlatch, where to see my edits/area?


I’m editing in Potlatch, and things are going ok so far, but I’d love to print out a map with all of the un-named ways
so that I can drive up and down and properly name them. I know lots of their names, but the few that I don’t it would be
handy if I could print them out (with the named ways in a different color, similar to the edit map view).

I’d also like to see my own work, just to double check it.

In an ordinary wiki, I’d be able to “view history” or “view contributions”. How can I do that here?


I don’t think there is currently any way of making un named streets show up, but if the streets are still just segments then the maplint layer at informationfreeway.org should make it clear where they are. (Orange).

In josm there is a history bar, but it is yet to be enabled. It is still being worked on. So the answer currently is, you can’t.