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I made some edits to the OSM maps — changing routes that were listed as “open” to show that the require a “permit.” I do not see those edits revealed in the OSM maps. How long does it take for edits we make to be revealed in the publicly viewed maps?

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Depending on which map your are referring to changes may take minutes up to weeks before they appear. Talking about access restrictions these information might not be displayed at all (depends on the map creator). There might be other issues (e.g. outdated data in your browser’s cache). Take a look at https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/102/i-have-made-edits-but-they-dont-show-up-on-the-map

In most OSM-Maps there is a perma-link somewhere to create a bookmark which you can post here so somebody can take a closer look.

It depends on which map. Of those displayed on the OpenStreetMap home page, the “Standard” and “Humanitarian” maps usually update quickly for the most-used zoom levels (unless there is a temporary glitch), but low zoom levels (and I think also the highest zoom level) can take longer. Other maps can take much longer, e.g. many apps that use OSM data update once a month.

Also note that you may need to refresh your own local browser cache to see changes.

Finally, no single map displays every type of mapped object or every possible tag, so not all edits cause a visible change. For example the standard layer generally does not display route relations such as public transport or hiking routes.

If you link to something you changed perhaps someone will be able to tell you whether you are simply experiencing the normal delay in rendering or there is some other issue.

Edit: looks like I was typing at the same time @PHerison was posting.

The routing options provided on the openstreepmap.org also normally take longer to display a new route after mapping changes that have been updated on the standard map.

In order for a change that you make to OSM tags to be reflected in a rendered map that rendered map has to understand what your change means.

“permit” is occasionally (but not very often) used as an access value, and most of those are for car parks and gates etc. - see https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org.uk/keys/access#values . I see no reference to it in the code for OSM’s “standard style”: https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/search?q=permit .

This means that that map style isn’t expecting a value of “permit” and won’t do anything with it.

Some map styles do understand “access=permit” - one that I maintain does, and will render ways with that tag as private.