Editing and displaying bilingual tags

I’m trying to add English text to the names of Japanese Train Stations. When I go to the edit mode, I do not see the train station point of interest on the screen. In the live version, I can see the train station.

How can I edit the train station if I can’t see it on the edit screen?

Can you link to an example of where you have this problem?

It sounds like the station is mapped as an area, instead of a node. This is recommended for larger stations, as it accurately shows the size of the station, and the area it covers.
So to edit it, you will have to select the outline of the station, and then add the correct tags to it.

Here are the four edges of my view. If you at the top left, you will see a train station named “Taura”. Someone else has entered that name in english (it is correct). If you look at the center, you will see several other stations with only Kanji names. I cannot find any of these or any train stations on the edit screen. Any suggestions?



Did you mean

There is a Tag “name:en” for each node.

btw: If you like to referrer to a specific object use the datalayer (blue plus on upper right corner), click on the object and then in the left pane on “Details”. This will give you a direct link to the object.
If you’d like to show a specific region click on “Permalink” in the lower right corner and C&P the URL.

I found half of my problem. My background was selected to “UK historic 7th” When I changed it to “OSM Mapnik” I could see the station POI on the screen.

Okay, now I get it. I was able to add the name “Hemi” to this station:

Thanks again.