Edited paths, but MAPNIK doesn't updated


I edited some areas on 24 March and still can’t see the changes on the Mapnik map. The Osmarender does show them though.

For instance the port in Novorossiysk (Russia). I viewed the tile’s status and it said it was clean - marking it as dirty causes a redraw of the tile but still it doesn’t show my changes. Clicking on the Edit-tab again, it shows my edited paths, but Mapnik still shows the old one.

I’ve searched the forums and the Wiki and everywhere it says that it takes like 1 week or two for the updates. But it’s been more than that ;-(


For exmaple - http://b.tile.openstreetmap.org/13/4955/2955.png/status

Mapnik updates once a week, and has been updated since march the 24th. Do you have a lat, long position or a link to the slippy map location you have troubles with?

Thank you for your reply.

Here you go:

It’s the port of “Novorossiysk”. As you can see on the Mapnik-tiles all the port pontoons are “jiggly”. I straightened them out and the changes can be seen in the other render (Osmarender) and also can be seen if you click on the “Edit”-tab in the slippy map.

Without going into much details: it is possible that a change is not displayed in Mapnik up to two weeks. If you confirmed that the change is correct (e.g. by using the Osmarender on www.informationfreeway.org) then you shouldn’t worry about the main Mapnik renderer, just be patient. It will show up sometime.

Ah coastlines… :wink: Uhm they are a bitch, I’m not sure how they are handled by mapnik. Previsouly they haven’t been imported as often as the other stuff. This was because they were broken at someplaces and that would make the map rendere think that there should be water all over the world.

But as I said I have no idea how this is handled atm.

Thanks for the replies.

I just saw, that the changes can now actually be seen on the Mapnik map (yay).
So, did it really just take that long or did someone of you two had a hand in this manually? :slight_smile:

Haha, not me mate… I have better things to do then make Mapnik render stuff that will be rendered sometime anyway. Besides, I don’t have access to the map server on that level to be able to achieve that even if I wanted to…

Is mapnils re rendering still triggered off by the sprites being views/called? If so then maybe just everyone looking at it after you asked about it may have for some reason set it off rendering. I’m not sure why some people wait so long for mapnik, I never have to wait more than the time period till the next Wednesday, and sometimes it’s more frequent than that (Saturdays).

I’ve found that mapnik doesn’t always update everything. It seems a little hit and miss at times.
Osmarender always seems to get up to date very quickly.

Both renderers are amazing, though, when you consider the scale of the task.