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I uploaded a GPS track in OSM, but I do not see the route on the map. I understood that after upload there is needed an editing.

Is there an edit service where somebody to edit the track so that to be visible on the map ? Of course I intend to pay for this service. Do you know some prices ?

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You can edit it yourself, there are a number of getting started guides and there is an edit button on the reference map display at http://www.openstreetmap.org/ that you can just pull down and select an editor.

If you give a link to the map when it is showing the area of your GPX track it is possible that someone will simply do the edit if you can’t.

Could you please tell me how to fiind this someone for the track at this link


Yes, Do it yourself.

By the time that you had communicated to a third party all the information that they would need to do a proper job, you could have learned to do it yourself. Tracks need meta data and they also need to be interpreted in the context of what the surveyor actually saw when they were recording the track, if nothing else, to compensate for noise in the GPS readings.

Google translate detects the description as Romanian, but fails to translate it, so there is no way for me to recover the meta data from that description. A Google search on the full string suggests that it is some sort of long distance motoring route, between two towns, built on top of existing roads. Such a route would need to be done as a relation, with any missing roads added first. Although it would be searchable, it would not appear on any of the standard map renderings.

One is going to need a lot of information about sources. To be considered for mapping, it has to have some official existence, rather than just being the best routing solution, and to be legitimately mapped, it has to be possible to follow the whole route without reference to a map or guidebook. I would expect it to have to be added as many changesets, each one justified in terms how one can verify, on the ground, that it is part of that official route. There may well be gaps that have to be left, because they can only be filled by reference to other maps.

It looks to me as though this is similar to http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1201916 although route=road is not one I was aware of and its English wiki page contains garbled English in the description and little else. I suspect your best hope is to contact the mapper who mapped that relation. However, given that the garbled wiki description and my lack of local knowledge, I can’t be sure that that relation is a good example of mapping. As you will see, it does not show up on the standard map layers; that is not an error.

I would say this needs to be mapped by a volunteer who has a good understanding of acceptable sources.

I’d also be deeply suspicious of the motives of anyone who offered an OSM mapping for money service, as I would expect they would attract the mapping of excessive detail in privately owned areas, rather than mapping what was free for the general public.

The GPS tracks are used as a source to draw the roads. The roads that you travel to record the gpx you uploaded are already drawed in OSM.

You should use a standalone tool like QLandkarte/Qmapshack to see/analyze the track,

I am new to OSM and I do not understand the tech language of hadw user. Sorry

Thanks muralito for QLandkarte, I can see my map standalone on my computer.

But, I am used with Google maps, and I tried to fiind a way to publish my tracks online with a public link so that anyone could see it using any internet browser.

Is this possible with OSM ?

I don’t think so. But here:


and here:


you can upload your tracks and share with others.

For both sites you need to create a (free) account.

You can try the uMap service: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap

Thank you for the Information. I will try to see more details about the links.

I used the UMap application for OSM and I created the map for the track specified above. This is the link for the map


The application has similar features like Google maps and works great.

Thank you again for the information !!!

No. Umap has features that the one you name will never have. Freedom. :stuck_out_tongue: