Edit dates in GPX files to reflect when I was in a place


I’m struggling to find a way of creating/editing GPX files for past and planned trips. Whilst there are many options to map locations as a track, none that I have found seem to include the facility to edit the dates/times easily. I have already drawn maps for most of my trips in Google Maps and exported the data to GPX files, so this gives me then where but not the when.

For example, for a trip to Argentina in 2001, the data (simplifying for the example) would be along these lines:

  1. London, 1/4/2001
  2. Sao Paulo, 2/4/2001
  3. Buenos Aires, 2/4/2001
  4. Bariloche, 7/4/2001
  5. Buenos Aires, 10/4/2001
  6. etc.

In some cases the place and date will be quite well defined, but many will be rather general, and that’s fine for my purposes.

How can I edit my GPX files (preferably visually, on a map interface) to reflect dates/times when I was (or plan to be) in a specific location?

It just seems such an obvious thing to do?!?

Many thanks!


exiftool (via exiftoolgui) has some possibilities to modify time. If this is sufficient for your purpose, I don’t know.

Thanks. Exiftool? Isn’t that for editing photo exif data (incl. geotag etc.) My requirement is for a tool to edit a travel route, stored as a GPX track. Nothing to do with photos at all.

Via http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Edit_GPS_tracks I often recommend GpsPrune … but I don’t know whether that tool can edit the time tags inside a GPX file …