Edit a track without changing OSM data?

Can I use the default in-web editor to create or edit a GPX file without actually changing the map?

Upload the file, make it a way, drag nodes to the path in the aerial image, then download the way in GPX format and exit without saving?

If not, is there a useful tool to accomplish this?

I took photos on a long bike ride and extracted GPX from the photos, so the lines go straight from point to point instead of following the curves in the path. I had a tracking device, but apparently I did not have it on during that ride.

I don’t know about iD, but with JOSM you can easily do that.


I didn’t know you could edit GPS tracks with JOSM - how do you do that?

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Following should work: Edit OSM data, convert layer to GPX, save it as a file

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Maybe another option would be to import your GPX points into BRouter. I’m not exactly sure if the “Load” button would support your existing lat/lon details. Maybe try “Importing track as route”.

In a next step, you can drag and drop the route as needed, then hit “Export”, to export the file in GPX format.

If importing your file won’t work, there’s a rather tedious option add your lat/lons to the brouter URL. I’m only posting a small example to get the idea across:


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BRouter even creates a plausible route along roads! I’ll have to learn its editing controls, but it looks promising. I’m going to try JOSM, too, though.

Right, BRouter is optimised for bike routing, and by choosing one of different profiles, you can make it match your personal bike routing preferences even better.

That didn’t do anything particularly useful for me - all of the waypoint data (and presumably the routes, had there been any) was lost.

  1. Datei - Öffnen… (GPX-Datei nach JOSM laden)
  2. In Fenster “Ebenen” Rechtsklick auf die Ebene mit dem GPX-Pfad => und “Zu GPX-Ebene In Datenebene konvertieren”
  3. GPX bearbeiten
  4. Datei - Als GPX exportieren

Wichtig: Nicht nach OSM hochladen!!

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That bit works, of course. My GPX file had waypoints, trackpoints and a track in it. In JOSM two layers are created, one containing the GPX trace, and a different one containing the waypoints.

(I need to convert to data layer first, I think)

OK, I can do that…
Then I select both layers and:

I get the (edited) trackpoints and (edited) track, but still no waypoints.

JOSM triggered a problem in my MacBook that Apple has yet to admit is there (other things also trigger it, so it’s not JOSM’s fault). BRouter not only does most of my work, it allows me to add the missing end of the route. However, I can’t figure out how to stop extending and edit a node within the way, or to extend the beginning of the way. Also, even though I selected a profile that was NOT the one avoiding stairs, when I tried to go up the stairs at the end, it chose an extra kilometer to go around!

But I can manually edit the GPX to do the last bits of the trek.

If you need the track and the POIs, you have to convert the layer with the POIs too (seperatly).
After that you can merge this layers (select both layers and after right-click => merge).

Finally the export should contain way and POIs.

Sorry. Of course. My error.

To stop appending press “Esc” key or toggle the pencil button on the left (blue when active). You can also move a marker or drag the route to create a new via point while in append mode.

Appending only works at the end, but you can reverse the route (R key or button with crossing arrows) to make the start the end, append, and reverse again afterwards.

The default Trekking profile still has a cost factor (penalty) of 40 for steps, even when allowed, so it prefers a detour that is up to 40 times longer than the steps section, e.g. 400 m for 10 m steps:

if ( highway=steps ) then ( if allow_steps then 40 else 10000 )
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