edit a track before makeing it public.

I just made my first track. I had to use my netbook and an old delorme eathmate gps because I don’t have a handheld gps with a data cable and couldn’t get the tomtom 3rd party software to work… anyway there were some points in the track where gps jumps. is there a program or a way in the website to edit the track before making it public, to take out the few bad points of data?


Are you familiar with JOSM?
Plugin editgpx provides editing facilities for tracks


JOSM = Java OSM Editor
You will need at least Java 1.5. available from the JOSM site

Note of caution: If the edited track does not upload to OSM, try to export it as an Anonymous track in JOSM, which will add time data.

When a track jumps, the rest of the track is sometimes inaccurate by the amount it has jumped.
What I do to get a more reliable track is to track the same route several times, and create a track from the average of the results, before I convert it to a way.
Don’t let this stop you from uploading your tracks!
If 5 different people upload their own tracks of the same way (and make it public), the average of the 5 tracks will be that much more reliable.

I did a few more tracks and I have the same problem. I am not worried about the tracks being off though becuaes i have checked after each jump and it seems to line up normaly and it also stays more or less the the same with the yahoo images. I will look into the java app when i go home from vaction and i have something more than a netbook to work with.

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